For all types of digital marketing campaigns and major SEO strategies, Google Search Console has always played a vital role as it’s been a critical tool to get connected to the audience. For quite a while, Google has been performing various tests to present the new version having GSC interface and the awaited new design has just been introduced by the world’s No.1 search engine.

The idea to develop this new design was originated from the ground to create an interaction model that can guide website owners to take action on the process of fixing any pending issues.

What’s Different in the New Search Console?

The new version doesn’t have all the previous features but yet, the advanced interface’s reports provide:

The Performance Report

With the new design, it now becomes easier to check Google search results and the latest search console offers more accurate figures with more details including total clicks, average click-through rate, average position, total impressions etc. The users can now analyze 16 months of data to track their performance reports.

Due to increasing queries of users to provide more data in Search Analytics, Google has introduced this new Search Performance Report section in the new version. The longer-term trends help businesses to compare data year-over-year and work accordingly to set keywords and apply the required strategies to increase traffic on their site. Google is also planning to make this data available via the Search Console API in the coming years.

The Index Coverage Report

The new interface contains a combined section of the old Index Status and Blocked Resources segments. This improved index coverage section provides reports which are useful to get an idea about the number of pages indexed by Google. The new section also offers guidance to fix those pages which have not been indexed.

The newly introduced GSC interface helps you to resolve issues so that Google can update its index process accordingly. By selecting a flagged issue and then, clicking on validate fix will allow Google to reprocess the URL’s which are on high priority. Hence, the new design is an effective tool to bring your site back on track. Index coverage is a comprehensive way to enhance the features of indexing. The updated version has made indexing more accurate and a better way to provide warnings and reasons about why Google is not giving preference to those URLs which have not been indexed yet. Let have a close look at the functionality of this new feature and how does this work to keep you updated about alerts, warnings, and other issues.

Some other changes include:

Which features are no longer present in the new interface?

The new sitemap section is now limited only to tracking the number of pages that have been indexed so far but is unable now to provide the image index stats. Let’s have a look over some major features which are no longer available in the latest interface.

The new version is still available in beta and hence, users can also switch to any version by clicking on the link given in the navigation bar. This is due to the ongoing process of Google to add some old features to enhance the functionality of the new design.

How the new Google Search Console offers more to check the traffic info?

GSC interface has arrived with an enhanced Search Performance Report section. The new design is extremely supportive to improve the rank of a particular page on your site. Users can now rewrite their SEO meta-description and can improve the page content to make the page more attractive for clients to encourage more clicks on that page. If good pages are not performing well, it provides you with the comparison to analyze how well-performing pages are raising interest among the users. It provides you with the advantage to get organic traffic by keeping you aware of improving the quality of the content of your pages/articles/blogs etc.

For SEO purposes, these revolutionary improvements in the Google Search Console have made the process easy to strategize the traffic growth. Now online businesses can dig down deep to analyze more data to get the control in their hands and the new design has made the life of Webmaster easy.

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